About Me

Hi I'm Yessenia Lajara. I'm a psychotherapist/Clinical Social Worker and a mindfulness mentor. I help women/men who long to experience true clarity and confidence in themselves and their lives, but are held back by trauma and fear.

I know from my own life experience, and helping others, that putting yourself first and asking for help can feel scary. I believe that seeking help and slowing down can help you become strong, passionate, and brave.

I ulitize variety of techiques, including Cognitive Behavior Therapy,Stress Managanement, Trauma Informed Therapy, positive psychology, incorporation of mindfulness, mind/body connection, anxeity reduction, and empowerment of work/life balance.

As a trained and experienced therapist, I have a masters degree from NYU and I'm a NYS licensed therapist. I know how to help you slow down from your hectic life and explore your dreams through mindfulness and therapeutic techniques.


A Bit About Myself

Yessenia es psicoterapeuta y profesora de yoga-meditacion sensible al trauma. Su pasión es ayudar a otros a encontrar la curación y el amor propio para vivir sus vidas con alegría y significado. Proporcionar práctica basada en evidencia de trauma con una combinación de curación espiritual.

Yessenia is a psychotherapist and Trauma sensitive yoga-mindfulness teacher. Her passion is to help others find healing and self love to live their lives with joy and meaning. Providing trauma evidence based practice with a combination of spiritual healing.